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Aegis Security & Technology offers specialized project-based IT services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, delivering customized solutions with precision and professionalism.

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Tulsa IT & Cybersecurity Company - Aegis Security & Technology

Tulsa Project-Based IT Solutions

Our project-based IT solutions address various needs, from network setup to cybersecurity evaluations, ensuring personalized and effective service.

Highlights of Our Project-Based IT Solutions:

  1. Network Setup: Establishing robust and secure networks using proven equipment.
  2. Incident Response: Addressing and mitigating damage from cyber-attacks, recovering from incidents, and implementing preventive measures.
  3. Risk Assessment: Evaluating tools, procedures, infrastructure, and training to identify vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations.
  4. Server Installation & Configuration: Setting up server racks and associated components to ensure harmonious operation.
  5. IT Consulting / Cooperative IT Support: Providing support for businesses with existing IT teams needing occasional assistance.

Interesting Facts

  • Tulsa’s Art Deco Architecture: Known for its rich art deco architecture, with many buildings from the early 20th century showcasing this distinctive style.
  • IT Tip of the Day: Regularly update your software and security measures to protect your business from cyber threats and ensure optimal performance of your systems.

What’s Unique About Aegis

Our IT project services are tailored to fit each client’s specific needs, offering flexibility, reliability, and the use of industry-leading tools and technologies.

Benefits of Our Tailored Approach

  1. Personalized Solutions: Address specific business needs.
  2. Flexibility: Adapt to changing business requirements.
  3. Reliability: Consistent performance with top-tier tools and technologies.


Our team holds certifications from leading organizations, ensuring expert-level services with the latest industry knowledge and best practices:

  • CompTIA
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft


We adhere to industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance and security for all our clients:

  • GDPR: Data protection
  • NIST: Cybersecurity frameworks
  • HIPAA: Healthcare-related IT services
  • PCI: Payment processing compliance

What Our Clients Are Saying

Read what our satisfied customer have to say about our services.

    Office GBB

    Google Review

    Braggin' on Aegis Tulsa and Tyler Troxell. He spent most of the day last Wednesday setting up several computers with security softwares. Then on Friday, he called me about one of my employee's laptops that we found out is dead. Now today, he's at my office to talk me through utilizing a password manager for the company. Throughout the entire experience (which is way more hand-holding time than I expected), he took time for everyone to understand what the heck was going on in ways I don't really expect tech guys to do. Super great service and also, very reasonably priced. Gotta work with this guy!

      Rebecca Harris

      Google Review

      Before Tyler visited I had hired two Wanna-Be Tech experts to help me with my tech and security needs. They failed miserably after spending hours on my job. Tyler waltzed right in, diagnosed my needs and fixed everything CORRECTLY in one hour. He was professional, spot-on, and had a pleasing personality. He also had reasonable rates. Run, do not walk, to hire this expert. I was blessed with hiring him!

        Brenda Bland

        Google Review

        Tyler, owner of Aegis, is all about being honest with his clients. He makes sure that the security service he provides is exactly what the client needs and he is adamant that the client only pays for what is needed. His monthly monitoring fee is much less than any other company. He does not upcharge on the monthly fee like most of the other security companies. I highly recommend Aegis Security

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